Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Vol.2 is ready!

Here it is, in all its embedded-flash-player glory!

And yes, this time we even have a cover of a cover.
To all the guys/girls involved: I'll soon update the "contributors" list in the sidebar with your sy gossip usernames linked to your "personal sites".

Here is the handy dandy badongo link to a rar archive with all the songs and little cover artwork
Here is the sharebee link.
The badongo download link for Vol.1 is still active, and the download counter is set to a pretty impressive 117.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vol.2 is almost ready...

We're compiling vol.2, the songs are ready and need just a little tagging and some strategic positioning in the tracklist... stay tuned!
Oh, big jump forward, I added a nifty playlist with playable tracks for the vol.1 stuff. The badongo link to the whole archive is still active, in case you missed it.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Vol. 1 is ready!

You thought we were just kidding, uh?
Nope, it's real, we managed to finish Vol.1, and here's the tracklist:

The songs on this tracklist are credited to the contributors' usernames on Sonic Youth Gossip, the place where everything started. For more infos, check the links on the right sidebar.
Ok, let's cut the crap, get the full thing HERE or HERE !
A HUGE thank you to all the nice guys involved.