Friday, June 15, 2007

Vol. 1 is ready!

You thought we were just kidding, uh?
Nope, it's real, we managed to finish Vol.1, and here's the tracklist:

The songs on this tracklist are credited to the contributors' usernames on Sonic Youth Gossip, the place where everything started. For more infos, check the links on the right sidebar.
Ok, let's cut the crap, get the full thing HERE or HERE !
A HUGE thank you to all the nice guys involved.


ThOmas.W said...

Yeah! When is vol.2 ready??!?

Matt2 said...

Ths is a beautiful thing. To see the togetherness and sharing of this community melts my heart. Give me a hug, why don't you!

nicfit said...

hugs fir everyone, why not? :)
thomas, six songs erady for vol.2 , and a few more getting finished, guess we will "release" it pretty soon. Sorry for the lack of updates here (the little bios for the contributores are still to be finished, uff..), I've been kinda busy doing things with my pc and when I finish "working" with it I have not much will and energy to work on this thing too... I promise that I'll make things better as soon as I finish that work!... yeah.

Massimo Usai said...

wow... such a long time ago... Chout and I gotta do somethin' together again!