Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Vol.2 is ready!

Here it is, in all its embedded-flash-player glory!

And yes, this time we even have a cover of a cover.
To all the guys/girls involved: I'll soon update the "contributors" list in the sidebar with your sy gossip usernames linked to your "personal sites".

Here is the handy dandy badongo link to a rar archive with all the songs and little cover artwork
Here is the sharebee link.
The badongo download link for Vol.1 is still active, and the download counter is set to a pretty impressive 117.


Rob Instigator said...

This is so fucking cool. You guys are true bad-asses. I wish I played. I am deeply jealous of all of you.

nicfit said...

Thanks Rob! You could always try an acappella version of some song :D , and I'm not even joking.

Abul said...

I'm sure there'll be a Vol. 3 Rawbert you should jam something out for that.

Acappella world looks red?

nicfit said...

There HAS to be a vol.3, heck, I didn't even add my contribution yet ha ha.
Seriously, there will be vol.3 with no doubts.
Find a percussionist and record the world looks red, I bet it would be amazing rob, great suggestion abul.